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Ready to quit? We can help.


Ready to quit? We can help.

Enroll now to access everything we have to offer

Nicotine-based quit medications (gum, patch, lozenge, combo therapy)
Individualized support from a trained professional
Custom quit plan
1:1 coaching calls
24/7 Support
Website access with tools to track your progress and a chat room to connect with other people trying to quit
Text2Quit text based support (ages 18 and up)
Email reminders
Welcome kit with quit guide (English and Spanish)

Enroll By Phone

Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669) to enroll for the full suite of quitline services designed with you in mind. It’s completely free and includes one-on-one support from a certified Quit Coach and a customized quit plan made just for you. Our full range of quitline support services covers every angle and sets you up for success from Day One.

Para recibir ayuda para dejar de fumar en español, llame al 1-855-DÉJELO-YA (1-855-335-3569)


Enroll Online

Can’t call right now? Get started any time with individual services that include email reminders, free starter kit of quit medications (if appropriate), and text support. Click the button to enroll online now and choose the services that meet your needs. Creating your profile is easy and you can upgrade for free any time to include coaching calls and access to our web-based support services.

Note: Individual services do not include one-on-one support from a Quit Coach, web-based support/chat feature, or customized quit plan.

Enroll Online


Enrolling via text is simple by following these three easy steps:

Step 1:
Participant texts “Ready” to 34191.
Step 2:
Participant provides personal details via text and is sent a confirmation text.
Step 3:
Participant receives a call from SC Tobacco Quitline staff to complete enrollment and get started with a Quit Coach.

Additional Benefits & Resources

to see more information to customize your quit.

When having enough health coverage is a problem, the SC Tobacco Quitline brings a solution. We help all South Carolinians regardless of insurance status, but extra help is available for people who have no health insurance or who are “under-insured” with up to 5 coaching calls and, for most uninsured or underinsured participants, up to 12 weeks of free non-prescription quit medications.

Full-benefit members of SC Healthy Connections receive 5 Quitline coaching sessions and the SC Tobacco Quitline will send a free 2-week starter kit of non-prescription quit medications (gum, patch, or lozenge) without members having to see their Medicaid provider. SC Healthy Connections covers all FDA-approved quit medications, even those that require a prescription, and members have no out-of-pocket expense or copay. No prior authorization is required for prescription quit medications. Your Quit Coach will talk with you about how to continue receiving the free quit medications under Medicaid.

To meet the unique needs of SC’s tribal communities, the SC Tobacco Quitline offers an American Indian Commercial Tobacco Program (AICTP) that includes higher intensity behavioral and medication support through 7 coaching calls with a team of dedicated American Indian Quit Coaches, culturally tailored and specific interventions, and 12-weeks of combination medication therapy.

Note: All references to tobacco use are about the use of commercial tobacco products–not the sacred and traditional use of tobacco for ceremonial or medicinal purposes.

Language is never a barrier with the SC Tobacco Quitline. Culturally appropriate services and support are offered in Spanish through the toll free number 1-855-DÈJELO-YA (1-855-335-3569). Call now to be connected with a Spanish-speaking Quit Coach.

Many tobacco users also struggle with mental health conditions or addiction and need additional expert support to quit. Our Behavioral Health Program provides a team of dedicated Quit Coaches, up to 7 counseling sessions, and non-prescription quit medication support through a combination of long-lasting and shorter acting nicotine-based products. The Behavioral Health program is second-to-none! Additional support is available from local mental health and alcohol and drug treatment centers.

If you need to talk with someone now, visit SC Hopes for immediate support.

SC Hopes

There is no better time to quit for you and your baby. If you are pregnant, a new parent, or are thinking about becoming pregnant, the SC Tobacco Quitline can support you. Pregnant participants can receive up to 10 coaching sessions that extend beyond delivery to prevent postpartum relapse. Currently, the SC Tobacco Quitline does not offer quit medications to pregnant participants. Instead, talk to your doctor to see if quit medications are recommended to support your quit effort.

Pregnant tobacco users can also receive free help from BABY & ME - Tobacco Free. Click here to see if services are available in your area.

Teens age 13-17 who want to quit tobacco products like cigarettes or vapes can enroll for SC Tobacco Quitline youth services and support. Whether you are trying to quit on your own or you were court referred, you can access teen-specific text support through our Youth Support Program and ditch the habit.

Another support program, Quit the Hit, is available to SC teens via Instagram. Teens age 13-17 can get help coping with the stress and anxiety of quitting by joining a Quit the Hit group.

It is never too late to quit. More and more people over the age of 65 are trying to quit. Medicare members receive up to 5 coaching sessions and up to 12 weeks of non-prescription quit medications to help them quit for keeps. The oldest SC Tobacco Quitline participant to quit successfully was 100 years old!