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Frequently Asked Questions

on each question for the answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

on each question for the answer.

Quitlines are tobacco treatment support programs that are available through the toll-free number 1-800-QUIT-NOW and through web-based or text-based enrollment depending on the state or U.S. territory. Quitlines offer personalized quit coaching calls as well as other supportive services through the web, social media, text messaging, and print materials. Most Quitlines offer some quit medications that are approved by the FDA. More information about Quitlines can be found here. A map of state Quitlines can be found here.

The South Carolina Tobacco Quitline is open year-round–24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are only closed on major holidays and are even open on New Year’s Day to serve tobacco users with their resolution to be tobacco-free.

No. Quitline services in South Carolina are totally free and there is no cost to enroll by calling 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669) or at http://www.quitnow.net/southcarolina

Insurance is not required for Quitline enrollment, but if your health insurance plan provides additional quit benefits you may be referred back to your individual health insurance provider. Follow up with your Quit Coach if you have more questions.

Assigned to you when you enroll, Quit Coaches are our highly trained and certified tobacco treatment specialists who are passionate about supporting you on your journey to quit. Many of our Quit Coaches are quitters themselves who have counseling and behavioral health backgrounds. We never judge; we are here to help.

When you call the Quitline, you will speak with a live person who will register you for services by asking a few questions that help us serve you. As soon as you are enrolled you will be transferred directly to a Quit Coach who will ease your mind about everything. Your Quit Coach will work hard to establish a relationship and listen to your needs and concerns about quitting. The first call may last between 10 to 20 mins depending on your unique needs, such as screening for quit medications. Before the call ends, your Quit Coach will set a 2nd time to talk that works best for your schedule. Subsequent coaching calls are shorter in length.

Most likely, yes. The SC Tobacco Quitline offers quit medications that are approved by the FDA, which includes the nicotine patch, gum, or lozenge. We even offer a combination of the long- and short-acting products to improve quit success. Most individuals who enroll in the counseling program may be uninsured or under-insured and are eligible to be screened for medication. Those who are not suitable for medication include participants who are pregnant or breastfeeding, under age 18, or have certain medical conditions (e.g., recent heart attack) that would require a physician waiver. We offer our Individual Services Program that gives registered participants the option to choose from a menu of items to help them quit. For example, if you just want a 2-week starter kit of patches, then the Quitline will honor that request and mail your shipment. If you want to continue with quit medication like gum, patches, or lozenges, you can enroll in the full counseling program and receive up to 12 weeks of product. We are here to try and meet each person’s unique needs to quit for keeps.

Relapse is perfectly normal. Quitting is hard work and the pull of nicotine addiction can be overpowering. No one knows this better than our Quit Coaches; talk to them so that they can help you over this hurdle. Your Quit Coach has an arsenal of strategies and tools that work to help smokers who fall back into the habit. Be kind to yourself, and remember that you are on a journey. Detours may happen along the way, but we are here to help you get back on track. Even if you relapse after your program has ended, simply re-enroll with us and we will pick up where we left off in helping you quit for keeps.

The Quitline gets calls all the time from individuals wanting to support their loved ones and friends as they quit. Quitting smoking can be isolating, and physical withdrawals are very real. Take friends and family members who quit seriously and be there to support them through the ups and downs, for as long as it takes, even if their journey isn’t perfect. Just remember that what they need most from you is support, not nagging.

Since 2006, the SC Tobacco Quitline has been administered by the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control under a state procurement contract with our long-time service provider, Optum (Consumer Wellness Solutions).